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The Arm

  • A latex bands powered Arm

  • Silent, Simple, tough and lightweight structure

  • Super soft at all ranges with any camera weight

  • No lockup on boom range edges (nor up or down)

  • Minimum components

  • No maintenance

  • Stainless steel sealed ball bearings (dust and water proof)

  • Hard anodized 

  • No footsteps showing in long lenses and slow movement

  • Empowers operator's abilities 

  • Arm weight:     3.5Kg (7.7Lb)

  • Weight range:  0-32Kg (0-70Lb)
    No minimum weight required

  • Boom range:    84cm (32.7 inch)

  • Arm's color is Black


The Arm post is rotating on bearings with friction control, to adjust from completely locked to fully released. 

Arm post can be 3/4" or 5/8" - You choose. 

Socket block is standard and fits any brand of standard Vest

Each Arm comes with a socket block to your choice.
Additional Sockets can be added or bought 


Back mount socket

Back socket block
Back mount socket
  • One piece solid socket

Front mount KickBack socket 

kickback socket block
KickBack socket
  • Tool - free adjustable socket for front mount vests.

  • Adjustable KickBack strength 

Kickback mechanism forces the arm to its wide open position. 


Front mount socket

Front mount socket
Front socket
  • Front mount socket with medium friction on the rod ends axis

  • Tools - free adjusting knobs for controlling the arm - vest angle

Multi Socket 

Front & Back mount at the same socket

Multi socket _edited.png
Multi Socket 1_edited.png
  • Socket has no rod end bearings

  • Arm - vest adjustments 
    requires Allen key

  • Adjustable KickBack strength 

The NB arm's structure is so simple, with minimum moving parts which makes it frictionless, durable and stiff. 
Therefore, with zero maintenance.


The arm has full sealed stainless steel ball bearings with hard anodize coating.

Since operated by latex bands, the NB arm allows smooth and very quiet operating, together with a large boom range (84cm / 33") that gives you more operating abilities.



The arm has no minimum weight capacity - it carries any weight between zero to 32kg / 70lb. For changing the weight capacity of the arm, you only add or remove a few bands in seconds - can be done easily on set, on fly - tool free, saving you much time and work.


The arm is super lightweight (3.1Kg / 6.8Lb), which is crucial and very well noticed while operating. You would be much lighter, faster, and will stay fresh for longer hours. 

Arm 2_edited
Arm 4_edited
Arm 1_edited
Arm Post Extensions
The NB's arm post extensions are sitting on an existing arm post. Just slide them in, and fly.
Available in 5/8" or 3/4" Diameter
Low mode Bracket
Available in 5/8"  Diameter
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