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NB Stabilizer Arm

NB Stabilizer Arm

•Silent, Simple, tough and lightweight structure
•Arm weight: 3.1Kg (6.8Lb)
•Weight range: 0-28Kg (0-62Lb) - No minimum weight required
•Super soft at all ranges with any camera weight
•Boom range: 83cm (32.7 inch)
•No lockup on boom range edges (nor up or down)
•Minimum components
•No maintenance
•Stainless steel sealed ball bearings (dust and water proof)
•Hard anodized Teflon sealed
•New designed Socket - strong, light weight with quick change from regular to goofy foot – all tool free. Each rod end has second knob to prevent play after adjusting the socket.
•5 times less pressure on the axis comparing to a spring arm
•No footsteps showing in long lenses and slow movment
•Empowers operator's abilities

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