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  • A latex bands powered Arm

  • Silent, Simple, tough and lightweight structure

  • Super soft at all ranges with any camera weight

  • No lockup on boom range edges (nor up or down)

  • Minimum components

  • No maintenance

  • Stainless steel sealed ball bearings (dust and water proof)

  • Hard anodized 

  • No footsteps showing in long lenses and slow movement

  • Empowers operator's abilities 

NB Stabilizer Arm

  • Arm post

    The Arm post is rotating on bearings with friction control, to adjust from completely locked to fully released. 

  • Specifications

    • Arm weight:     3.5Kg (7.7Lb)

    • Weight range:  0-32Kg (0-70Lb)
      No minimum weight required

    • Boom range:    84cm (32.7 inch)

    • Arm's color is Black

  • Socket Types

    Multi Socket:

    • Can be used for front and back mount vests

    • Socket has no rod end bearings

    • Arm - vest adjustments requires Allen key

    • Adjustable KickBack strength 

    KickBack Front Socket: 

    • KickBack Tool - free adjustable socket for front mount vests

    • Kickback mechanism forces the arm to its wide open position 

    • Adjustable KickBack strength 

    Front Mount Socket:

    • Front mount socket with medium friction on the rod ends axis
    • Tools - free adjusting knobs for controlling the arm - vest angle

    Back Mount Socket: 

    • One piece solid socket
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