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After 20 years of Steadicam operating, in which I've manufactured
all of my equipment by myself, I came up with few important conclusions that guided me in designing and producing the new ultimate mark 3 system.

I wanted it to be light weight, simple, modular, with tough structure, it needed to contain minimum components, to be comfortable, silent, accurate, smooth, and finally, to be able to fold into one box.

It took me two years to get to this simplicity and minimization, but I can now say it was defiantly accomplished. The arm can carry any camera, from DSLR to Alexa, all thanks to a compact 3.1Kg arm, powered by latex bands, with minimum components that works silently and smooth, with a large boom and weight range. I'm proud to say that a tough, simple and light weight structure design took over the heavy, noisy, complex and limited spring arm. 

The Sled was also built to be tough and simple, with minimum components. It is super modular, can easily be assembled and disassembled, change and add components in no time. The Sled has enough outputs to all accessories that may need power. The top stage and gimbal are not only strong, precise and smooth, but can also be easily assembled and disassembled. 

The Vest is super comfortable and silent, contains minimum components and weights only 3.1 Kg. 


The whole system is made out of the most appropriate materials with best coating exists, which allows minimum maintenance – simply dusting.


Thanks to The system's lightness, smoothness and accuracy,
the operator's performance becomes sharper and much much better. If you are an experienced operator, you'll definitely appreciate The Stabilizer and it's clear advantages       comparing to all existing systems. As a beginner, you would  definitely want to begin with the best system in the market, to empower your operating abilities. 


Nir Bar, Operator. Creator.  


NB Stabilizer @ Valley of Tears.JPG
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